Best financial products with mortgage

Good Finance tries to obtain for its clients the best financial products with mortgage guarantee that the banking market offers at all times. Given the huge variety of mortgage products and their constant changes, it is important to first analyze each particular case to see what type of mortgage product is best suited to the type of customer and specific needs. Once selected, we will negotiate the best possible conditions in terms of interest rate, term, commissions and other characteristics.

Your best mortgage


Discover the characteristics that must be analyzed of the mortgages in the market to find the one that best suits your economic profile and specific needs. Not all mortgages are the same.

Debt Reunification

Debt Reunification

Home equity loan and other types of real estate to unify all your loans and debts in a new reunification mortgage, paying a single fee. Does a reunification suit me? 

100 mortgages

These are mortgages to buy the first home that finance up to 100% of the value of the home plus expenses, based on the price-appraisal relationship and the provision of additional guarantees.

Subrogation Mortgages

Subrogation Mortgages

Subrogation or bank change mortgages allow us to improve the conditions of our current mortgage loan by changing the debt to another financial institution.

Mortgages for officials

If you are a career officer or work in the public sector of inetrin or labor personnel, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

Deficit mortgages

Mortgage loans with a lack of capital are a type of mortgage in which only interest is paid during a certain period, without repaying capital.

Home change mortgage


Interesting if you have your current home for sale and want to acquire a new one without waiting for the sale. They offer a fee similar to what will be paid when one of the homes has been sold.

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