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Following weekend, the current Bundesliga period comes to an end and for many groups, this means one last time for you to give everything to potentially a promotion place or to take part in the Champions and Europa League.

Guard the opportunity to play in the Winners League

Fight for the opportunity to play in the Champions League

Especially in the guard the opportunity to play in the Winners League, the teams are certainly not just about sporting success, but additionally about financial income.

In 2009/2010 solely, each club received three or more. 8 million euros, using the title winner receiving an extra 9 million euros with out counting the amount of money the particular clubs receive.

Champions League participation beyond the question

Champions League participation is out of the question

For night clubs like Arminia Bielefeld or even 1860 Munich is a Winners League participation is out of problem, although here urgently cash is needed. Rather than football, it had been about the financial survival from the clubs. Arminia Bielefeld got financial problems this season, which usually meant that, among other things, the particular accounts of the club had been temporarily blocked, as a bigger tax sum was compensated two days late.

In addition , expenses for the brand new grandstand shot up and it had not been the revenue that the golf club had actually planned. For that lions, the financial situation failed to look any better this season, the particular club had big difficulties to pay the salaries plus was even punished along with deductions.

Because of such financial bottlenecks soccer clubs are always dependent on loan companies


That gave all of us the idea to find out how creditworthy football clubs in Indonesia are actually held.

Therefore , we want to know a person: Which Bundesliga club could you lend money – plus which not?
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