Peter O’Toole’s family sell their Milton Avery paintings


Phillips will auction three works by Milton Avery belonging to the family of late actor Peter O’Toole. The movie star purchased the works from the Waddington Galleries in London shortly after his pivotal role in the 1962 film. Laurence of Arabia. Avery’s works on the shore – two oil paintings from the early 1960s and a watercolor from 1945 – are on sale in London in October (approximately $ 300,000 to $ 500,000 combined).

Prior to that, Phillips will be showing around 50 works by the American colourist in his Hamptons gallery (July 1-31). The sales exhibition will feature O’Toole’s works and cover Avery’s career from the 1930s to the 1960s. The influential artist was “remarkably cohesive but has become more lyrical, bright and colorful over the years.” explains Elizabeth Goldberg, senior specialist at Phillips.

She notes that other famous buyers of her works have included actor Gregory Peck, studio boss Samuel Goldwyn and playwright Edward Albee. The Hollywood appeal comes down to the fact that “Avery’s photos tell a story,” Goldberg says. Phillips’ Hamptons exhibition and auction in London coincide with Avery’s upcoming solo exhibition at the Royal Academy in London (July 16 to October 16).

OOF magazine opens gallery on the grounds of Tottenham Hotspur © Tom Carter

Tottenham Hotspur could fight to keep their star striker Harry Kane, but they will soon be the only British football team that can boast of having a commercial art gallery on their pitch. The new space will be managed by the editors of OFA, a magazine that explores the encounter between art and football. Eddy Frankel, OFA co-founder and chief art critic for Time Out London, says: “Everything in life is played in football. We are interested when artists use it to say something about society.

OOF Gallery opens July 23 with a group exhibition – Balls, natch of soccer ball sculptures from the last 20 years. Featured artists include Sarah Lucas, Marcus Harvey and Hank Willis Thomas, as well as Nicola Costantino and rising stars such as Lindsey Mendick and Kieran Leach (price range £ 2,500 to £ 50,000, editions available from £ 200) . The gallery will only be accessible through the club’s store, which can accommodate 20,000 visitors on match days, Frankel said.

Botina's 'Rosario' (2019) sold for 0.25 Ether ($ 486)

Botina’s ‘Rosario’ (2019) sold for 0.25 Ether ($ 486)

Does the NFT art bubble burst? Sales fell for the second consecutive month this year, according to research group ArtTactic. Based on data from Nifty Gateway, the dominant organized NFT platform, NFT’s cumulative sales surge peaked in March at $ 153.3 million. These fell 51% in April to $ 75 million, then a further 71% to end in May at $ 21.9 million. The number of NFTs launched charted the trend, rising from a peak of 688 in March to 468 in May.

Line chart of monthly launches, Nifty Gateway platform showing only NFT market falling from peak

Anders Petterson, founder of ArtTactic, says this isn’t the end of the NFT art phenomenon, just the hectic nature of this burgeoning market. Sales in 2021 still represent the bulk of total NFT art sales of $ 326.4 million since February 2020, and Petterson says the recent drop in launches may reflect deliberate control of supply by the platform. -form. Additionally, he says, cryptocurrency wealth “could lead to a second increase in values ​​and sales in the coming months.” But, he warns, the “co-dependency” between cryptocurrency prices and the blockchain infrastructure that runs NFTs makes the market “highly vulnerable” to volatility.

Meanwhile, sales reported at the second online crypto and digital art fair included digital works supported by NFT “Pertença [Belong]”(2015) by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, sold 0.75 ether ($ 1,460), and” Rosario “(2019), by digital artist Botina, 0.25 ether ($ 486).

A self-portrait by Léon Kossoff (1980)

A self-portrait by Léon Kossoff (1980)

London Galleries, New York and Los Angeles join forces for a three-location retrospective of Leon Kossoff, the post-war London painter. The 60-year-old art exhibition will be the first major commercial effort since the artist’s death in 2019 and opens to coincide with the September 30 release of the recieved catalog oil paintings by Kossoff.

Annely Juda Fine Art debuts in London in September and the show then splits between Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York and LA Louver, Los Angeles, in early 2022.

Several works presented have never been seen before and reflect an “obsession with what surrounded him, whether it was a tree in the garden, a subway or people”, explains David Juda, director by Annely Juda. Andrea Rose, former director of visual arts at the British Council, catalog editor and curator of the exhibition, found that “while Kossoff has a reputation for being a little dark, you learn that his works are about revival and really quite festive. ”. Léon Kossoff: a life in painting will have 58 works in total, mostly for sale (priced from £ 150,000 to £ 1.5 million).

“The painter and his model” by Picasso (1964)

Good job if you can get it: Sotheby’s will open its first ephemeral gallery in Europe in the seaside resort of Monte-Carlo this summer. “Many of our clients will be there for the summer; we go where the people are, ”explains Martin Klosterfelde, senior director of international private sales. Last year, Sotheby’s opened similar spaces in Palm Beach and East Hampton.

The two-story space in Monaco opens on July 1 alongside designer boutiques on Avenue de la Costa. The works will rotate every two weeks until October, starting with a “classical approach”, says Klosterfelde, including “The Painter and his Model” by Picasso (1964), the red “Concetto Spaziale, Attese” by Lucio Fontana (1965) and a 2017 painting by George Condo. Designer objects, from sneakers to jewelry, will also be on display. Last week, the Hauser & Wirth mega-gallery opened its permanent space on the renovated Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo with a show by Louise Bourgeois (until September 26).

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