The poster exhibition features a dove of peace

RUTLAND — With all the conflict in the world and all the threats of military action, the voices of peace are often silenced, but they do exist. The Rutland Free Public Library is hosting a poster exhibit featuring the Dove of Peace during the month of July. This is an exhibit that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

A poster from the collection of Stephen Lewis depicting a dove of peace.
A poster from the collection of Stephen Lewis depicting a dove of peace.
A poster from the collection of Stephen Lewis depicting a dove of peace.

These posters have been created by various artists, for various organizations, in various countries over the past 60 years. Many organizations no longer exist, but their message lives on in these posters.

The posters captured some of the history of these different places. The art reflects a variety of creative uses of the white dove image to make their point. Even though some of these posters were created decades ago, they are just as relevant today.

Artist Pablo Picasso was the main inspiration for using the white dove as a symbol of peace. His lithograph designed for the International Peace Congress in Paris in 1949 represents the white ancestor of a new family of doves. Through the poster exhibition, viewers have the chance to see how different artists from different countries and cultures have used the symbol of the dove. Although the styles and themes are diverse, they also show the magnitude of the desire of people around the world to live in peace.

Collector Stephen Lewis offers this exhibition presenting a constant war alternative. For those who love their art with a powerful story and messages, this is an exhibition to see. It is also suitable for children.

Lewis has been curating exhibits in Massachusetts public libraries for 18 years. The posters come from his collection of some 9,000 posters. Lewis is a longtime labor activist and many of his posters are from trade unions. He also participated in the International Peace Conference in Copenhagen in 1986. He can be contacted at [email protected]

This program is supported in part by donations from: Ironworkers Local 7 and Sheetmetal Workers Local 17.

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